Help for Single Mothers Living In Indiana

Single mothers are often seen to have a stressful life. Single mothers are those who have been divorced from their husband or whose husbands have died due to some circumstances. And therefore, taking care of their children in the absence of their father can be quite a tough job especially for single moms.

Many mothers living in Indiana are not highly educated and therefore they do not get the right kind of job that can pay well to help both the mother and the child. But now days, there have been many states that are working tirelessly to help single mothers overcome their stress and have been providing them with scholarships to help them complete their studies without charging any fees. Scholarships are provided for single mothers who wish to pursue their studies in the field of medicine, physical therapy and sports medicine. Some of the major scholarships are mentioned here below –

1- Indiana Broadcasters Scholarship – This is a program for undergraduate students and single mom who wish to pursue a career in broadcasting and journalism. The scholarship award provided is between $500.00 up to $2,000.00 and only 14 candidates are eligible to enroll in this program.

2- Indiana Engineering Scholarship – Just as the name states, this is an engineering scholarship that is provided to 3 undergraduates students in engineering. The scholarship award provided is $750.00

3- Indiana Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to freshmen students who are willing to study in any college in Indiana. The scholarship award provided is $1,000.00

4- Robert C. Byrd Scholarship – This is a scholarship program that is awarded to almost 550 to 570 students each year. The scholarship award provided is $1,500.00

Single moms who are interested in applying can visit the individual websites of these colleges and find out more details about the program. Remember, above scholarships are provided only to Indiana residents.