How qualifies for Indiana Residency?

Indiana residency is achieved after following the checklist by the Indiana Bureau. People will not get driving licenses and address until they become residents of the Indiana.
Now you must be thinking who qualifies for the resident rights of Indiana. These people can only get drivers licenses. Here presenting list of those who are considered residents.
• A person who lives in Indiana having no other legal residence rights is declared legally as Indiana resident.
• A person who has some legal residence in another state but he/she is living in Indiana for consecutive 6 months is declared a local of Indiana.
• A person who is registered to vote is also considered as Indiana resident.
• Any person who have kids and they are enrolled in the schools of this state is also legally declared as Indiana inhabitant.
• All those who live in Indiana and get their gross income at half rate in this state are also the legal residents of this state.
Other than these qualified residents, there are few people who do not qualify for the residence right.
• Long term residents who stay more than defined time period are not considered as resident automatically.
• Those who live in Indiana for the purpose of higher education are also not considered as resident routinely.
• Those people who are part of active military duty are also not qualified for the citizenship.
• Those who operate some equipment on the road for commercial purpose are not the inhabitants.
After declaration of the residency now residents can apply for driving licenses. They have to provide nationality details, credentials and addresses when applying for the driving license. Once people become residents they can take part in the written test for getting a foreign license of driving for visiting other states.