Indianapolis – A city that offers more action to visitors

The city of Indianapolis is well known for its world famous ‘Indianapolis 500 car race’ and of course the ‘Indianapolis Colts’ – which is a professional football team. Indianapolis is also the capital of the state of Indiana in America. This city which is situated in the center of the state is known to be the 14th largest city in America with a population of more than 750,000 inhabitants.

An interesting fact about the city is that – though the city is a flatland with a water area that makes up even less than 2%, the climate there gets really humid at times. The place also gets really hot with summer temperatures going up to the 80’s and though it does not get much of rain or snow, it does experience tornadoes from time to time.

There is of course a lot one can do and see in Indianapolis. The ‘Children’s Museum’ is one of the city’s main attractions – that offers plenty of extravagant exhibitions apart from hands on amazing things for children to play.

The city’s popular Indianapolis Zoo – is the largest in the state and home to more than 300 species of animals. The zoo offers a special dolphin exhibition with a viewing dome that lies underwater.

And though the action is what drives people to this city that hosts the ‘Brickyard 400 car race’ each year and has even hosted one of the ‘Formula One Grand Prix’ races for a long time. There are also lots more in terms of events, the city is home to the yearly ‘NCCA Basketball March Madness’ games and the popular ‘Indy Jazz Festival’.

Indiana has six unique cultural districts – with each emphasizing much historical significance namely the Fountain square, Massachusetts Avenue, Indiana Avenue, The Wholesale District, Broad Ripple Village and the Canal and White River State Park.