Indiana is a US state, admitted to the United States as the 19th on December 11, 1816. It is located in the Midwestern United States and Great Lakes Region. With 6,483,802 residents, the state is ranked 15th in population and 16th in population density. Indiana is ranked 38th in land area and is the smallest state in the continental US west of the Appalachian Mountains. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis, the second largest of any state capital and largest state capital east of the Mississippi River.

Before it became a territory, varying cultures of indigenous peoples and historic Native Americans inhabited Indiana for thousands of years. Angel Mounds State Historic Site, one of the best preserved ancient earthwork mound sites in the United States, can be found in Southwestern Indiana near Evansville. If planning a trip to Indiana from out of the country, it is advisable to be covered for unexpected injuries, click here for protection options.

Residents of Indiana are known as Hoosiers. The derivation of the term is disputed, but one hypothesis has “Hoosier” originating from a frontier greeting, a corruption of “Who’s here?” The state’s name means “Land of the Indians,” or simply “Indian Land.” This name dates back to at least the 1760s but was first applied to the region by the United States Congress when the Indiana Territory was incorporated in 1800, separating it from the Northwest Territory.

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How qualifies for Indiana Residency?

Indiana residency is achieved after following the checklist by the Indiana Bureau. People will not get driving licenses and address until they become residents of the Indiana.
Now you must be thinking who qualifies for the resident rights of Indiana. These people can only get drivers licenses. Here presenting list of those who are considered residents.
• A person who lives in Indiana having no other legal residence rights is declared legally as Indiana resident.
• A person who has some legal residence in another state but he/she is living in Indiana for consecutive 6 months is declared a local of Indiana.
• A person who is registered to vote is also considered as Indiana resident.
• Any person who have kids and they are enrolled in the schools of this state is also legally declared as Indiana inhabitant.
• All those who live in Indiana and get their gross income at half rate in this state are also the legal residents of this state.
Other than these qualified residents, there are few people who do not qualify for the residence right.
• Long term residents who stay more than defined time period are not considered as resident automatically.
• Those who live in Indiana for the purpose of higher education are also not considered as resident routinely.
• Those people who are part of active military duty are also not qualified for the citizenship.
• Those who operate some equipment on the road for commercial purpose are not the inhabitants.
After declaration of the residency now residents can apply for driving licenses. They have to provide nationality details, credentials and addresses when applying for the driving license. Once people become residents they can take part in the written test for getting a foreign license of driving for visiting other states.

Visit Indianapolis –where life is colorful!

Indianapolis is the capital city of the U.S. state of Indiana, and also the county seat ofMarion County.
The city’s beauty and attractive views along with a lot more provide reasons for you to visit the Indianapolis.
Comfort Food Feast
Craving a home cooked meal on vacation? The Iron Skillet is the perfect spot for large groups. Family owned and operated, the Iron Skillet understands the need for family time, and serves all of their meals family style. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans are just a few of the dishes served during this comfort food feast.

Farm to Table Fun
Let the kids sit at the Traders Point Creamery dairy bar where they can taste freshly sourced ice cream directly from the farm, while you experience the farm-to-table movement that has made Indy famous. Taste the fresh, organic ingredients that are on the shelves of Whole Foods nationwide, and then step outside for a tour of where they came from, just miles from Indy’s downtown.

Fresh Beginnings
Start your day off right with farm fresh egg dishes, waffles piled high with summer berries, or some good ole’ cheddar biscuits and gravy. Taste Café and Marketplace in Broad Ripple has mastered the art of bountiful breakfasts. All dishes are served up with convenience and social gatherings in mind. With a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a refill-yourself gourmet coffee bar, anything is possible, anything.

Eagle’s Nest
Take your date to one of the most romantic restaurants in the nation, where guests will enjoy fine dining from the 20th floor atop the Hyatt Regency (you can imagine the breathtaking view). As the city’s only revolving restaurant, the Eagle’s Nest offers a complete menu from steaks to seafood in a swanky setting

As Seen on TV
You could walk right by this blue Victorian home-turned-restaurant and not even know it exists, but then you would be missing out on the garden-fresh dishes as seen on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” 3 Sisters Café is also known for their vegetarian offerings.

Indianapolis is a beautiful place, visit it, and add memories to your chest!

Indiana- Climate changes throughout the year

Indiana is the thirty eighth largest city of the North America and it is rated as sixteenth most populous areas of the 50 states of America. This city was formed by people of different cultures therefore a mixed culture is observed in the territory. Its economy is diverse, due to the presence of a number of industrial cities and towns its production is recorded in billions per year. It has a very large sized metropolitan area which also plays an important role in the production of the country. Indiana residents are called Hoosiers and they are growing in number every year.

The climate of the area is categorized under the section of humid continental. Cool winters of the area attract various people for winter sports. The floors remain covered with snow for a few months. Summer season of the area is warm and wet. Rains occur heavily during summer.

The residents of the Indiana enjoy a number of facilities due to enrich culture and exciting locations. The facilities include residence, entertainment, and education in world top class universities, transport and emerging careers. You may want to live in Indiana and this will require you to explore the city.

Your trip to Indiana may include visit to universities for enrolling in various educational programs or it may be a recreational trip along with a family.

You will find Indiana suitable for swimming and water sports during summer. People enjoy skiing in winter and fishing in summer.
Summer sun baths and beach entertainment are a popular attraction for the worldwide tourists. Indiana is famous for its water slides and water parks. Reach there during summer and enjoy hot summer evenings.
Families came here in both peak seasons. Those who want to visit Indiana for enjoying fishing and sports, they visit during summer. Those who like snowboarding came in the winter and enjoy best trails.
Visit this location and explore its culture and industrial growth along with enjoying best resorts.

Getting to know more about Indiana residents

Before you can visit anyplace, it is important to get to know how the residents behave. It is important to know how the residents live their lives and what cultures they have. This will help you to avoid any kind of confrontation and it will help you to get along with these people. One thing you need to know about Indiana residents is that they are quite friendly and most times they will go to extra lengths to make a foreigner or visitor feel comfortable. The people here are actually very mindful about the impression they give people who are visiting them for the first time. Due to this fact, they are often engaged in making their communication with visitors very smooth and comfortable for the visitors.
Since they love their homes very much, it is rare to find Indiana residents thinking about moving to other places. Most of the people here are actually quite comfortable and they are likely to turn down an offer to move to another place no matter how better it might be. Due to this reason, there are many people who have lived all their lives in Indiana and are more than comfortable staying in the same place for much longer.
The Indiana residents are also known for their passion in various fields of life including music, food, theater, sport and recreation. There are a number of local sports teams that hail from this city and they enjoy quite a lot of home support. Also, when bands go to perform in Indiana, they always perform to sell out crowds because the people are music loving people. In addition, their cuisine is somewhat cosmopolitan because there are people from various parts of the world in Indiana. This means that restaurants have to cater for all the people and thus they usually have a menu that will cater for anyone from anywhere.

The interesting city named Indianapolis

Indianapolis is indeed an interesting city that is loved by locals as well as foreigners. There is plenty of accommodation available for visitors in this bustling city of Indianapolis and so, no visitor will ever face a problem in terms of stay.

Indianapolis offers visitors a vibrant nightlife along with a wide variety of dining options, apart from numerous festive activities that are sure to ignite a festive spirit within the visitors. This vibrant city of Indianapolis is also known to be the racing capital of the world, as it is the host city for numerous sporting events. It is a city one can actually fall in love with, a city that can make you want to get back time and again.

The city of Indianapolis is truly modern and also highly commercialized. The ultra modern feel of the city is beautifully manifested in the luxurious hotels. Almost all hotels in the city offer truly world class amenities to their guests. You will find that these luxurious modern hotels are tastefully designed with spacious guestrooms that come with ultra modern furnishings providing optimum comfort and a relaxing ambience.

The city offers some famous tourist attractions that include the ‘Indianapolis Motor Speedway’, ‘Circle Center Mall’, ‘ Indianapolis Zoo’, ‘Lucas Oil Stadium’, ‘ White River Gardens’, ‘Indiana Convention Center’, ‘Indianapolis Childrens Museum’ to name a few.

For the historically inclined who wish to get familiar with the cultural history of the area there is the North Meridian Street which is a historic district. There is also the ArtCraft Theatre which is historic architectural piece that runs old classics.

Then there is the amazingly beautiful Broad Ripple Park that offers scenic picnic grounds, athletic fields and trails apart from water sport activities like boating and fishing. Broad Ripple also houses a dog park and is an entertaining and fun filled family center.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Indianapolis

Indiana is a great place for those who enjoy sightseeing. It offers some major attractions for tourists. The Indiana motor speedway is one such major tourist attraction that draws the hearts of racers and non racers alike. The place hosts many entertaining activities and events that go on every day all year through.

Then there is the Indianapolis zoo which captivates the hearts of nature and animal lovers with its wide variety of animal and plant species. The zoo was inaugurated in 1965 and is home to more than 2,000 animals from across continents that attract more than a million visitors each year. There are tourists that especially come to visit the White river gardens that are spread across three acres and boast of botanical attractions.

The Caribbean cove indoor water park is a fun place to enjoy water sport activities and is a favorite among family tourists. The place also offers an inbuilt arcade, a café, a kid’s island apart from spas, slides and pools. The Greatimes family fun park is also a good place offering family fun activities. This park is situated on five acres of land. The fun park houses battling cages, a mini golf course, a go-cart track and a huge arcade.

The Indianapolis raceway park also offers a lot of entertainment and is a place that gathers quite a good crowd. The place hosts more than 60 racing events yearly apart from car shows though less popular when compared to the Indianapolis motor speedway.

The Fastimes indoor karting centre is a cool option for those who wish to spend time together with family. It runs split level facilities that enable visitors zoom in speed right up to 40 mph. The cars here have digital timing devices fitted on to them helping the drivers compete with one another.

Indianapolis – A city that offers more action to visitors

The city of Indianapolis is well known for its world famous ‘Indianapolis 500 car race’ and of course the ‘Indianapolis Colts’ – which is a professional football team. Indianapolis is also the capital of the state of Indiana in America. This city which is situated in the center of the state is known to be the 14th largest city in America with a population of more than 750,000 inhabitants.

An interesting fact about the city is that – though the city is a flatland with a water area that makes up even less than 2%, the climate there gets really humid at times. The place also gets really hot with summer temperatures going up to the 80’s and though it does not get much of rain or snow, it does experience tornadoes from time to time.

There is of course a lot one can do and see in Indianapolis. The ‘Children’s Museum’ is one of the city’s main attractions – that offers plenty of extravagant exhibitions apart from hands on amazing things for children to play.

The city’s popular Indianapolis Zoo – is the largest in the state and home to more than 300 species of animals. The zoo offers a special dolphin exhibition with a viewing dome that lies underwater.

And though the action is what drives people to this city that hosts the ‘Brickyard 400 car race’ each year and has even hosted one of the ‘Formula One Grand Prix’ races for a long time. There are also lots more in terms of events, the city is home to the yearly ‘NCCA Basketball March Madness’ games and the popular ‘Indy Jazz Festival’.

Indiana has six unique cultural districts – with each emphasizing much historical significance namely the Fountain square, Massachusetts Avenue, Indiana Avenue, The Wholesale District, Broad Ripple Village and the Canal and White River State Park.

Scholarship For Residents of Indiana

Students across the world wish to apply for scholarship so that their school fees are borne either by the government of the country or the institute where they are planning to join. Such scholarships are usually given to students who has an excellent track record all through their academic career.

In case you are a citizen of Indiana, then this article will be of much help to you. Here below, we will provide you with a list of scholarships that can be availed by the students residing in Indiana. Some of the famous scholarships are:

1- Hoosier Scholar Award – Hoosier Scholar Award is given to merit students residing in Indiana. Those students who plan to avail this scholarship must attend a college degree course in Indiana itself.

2- Nursing Scholarship – Students enrolling for this scholarship must ensure that they are a resident of Indiana State and they must also be accredited to the nursing program full time or part time. They must even agree to work in any of the hospitals of Indiana after their graduation from the nursing college.

3- Minority Teacher Scholarship – This is a scholarship given to students who wish to move ahead in their lives to a career in teaching. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must show their financial difficulties that they are unable to pay for a normal teacher’s course.

4- Robert C. Byrd Scholarship – This is a scholarship provided to the residents of Indiana. Students willing to avail this scholarship must be enrolled in any institution and must have scored high test scores along with a GPA of not less than 3.0.

5- Indiana Engineering Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to students who have already reached half way through their engineering degree course. In order to qualify for this scholarship, candidates must be a resident of Indiana and he or she must also have attended high school studies in Indiana.

Help for Single Mothers Living In Indiana

Single mothers are often seen to have a stressful life. Single mothers are those who have been divorced from their husband or whose husbands have died due to some circumstances. And therefore, taking care of their children in the absence of their father can be quite a tough job especially for single moms.

Many mothers living in Indiana are not highly educated and therefore they do not get the right kind of job that can pay well to help both the mother and the child. But now days, there have been many states that are working tirelessly to help single mothers overcome their stress and have been providing them with scholarships to help them complete their studies without charging any fees. Scholarships are provided for single mothers who wish to pursue their studies in the field of medicine, physical therapy and sports medicine. Some of the major scholarships are mentioned here below –

1- Indiana Broadcasters Scholarship – This is a program for undergraduate students and single mom who wish to pursue a career in broadcasting and journalism. The scholarship award provided is between $500.00 up to $2,000.00 and only 14 candidates are eligible to enroll in this program.

2- Indiana Engineering Scholarship – Just as the name states, this is an engineering scholarship that is provided to 3 undergraduates students in engineering. The scholarship award provided is $750.00

3- Indiana Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to freshmen students who are willing to study in any college in Indiana. The scholarship award provided is $1,000.00

4- Robert C. Byrd Scholarship – This is a scholarship program that is awarded to almost 550 to 570 students each year. The scholarship award provided is $1,500.00

Single moms who are interested in applying can visit the individual websites of these colleges and find out more details about the program. Remember, above scholarships are provided only to Indiana residents.

Indiana Dating

Are you dating someone and wish to proclaim your love to your beloved? Well, if that is the case, Indiana is one of the best choices to confess your love to your partner.

The best time to visit Indiana is during the month of May until October. The climate is soothing and you along with your partner will have a wonderful romantic time all through your stay in Indiana during this period. You can express your love by shouting at the top of your voice and through actions which will leave memorable memories all through your life. The best place for dating during your trip to Indiana is in Indianapolis. Here you will be able to see some of the spectacular views of architectural designs, romantic restaurants, lovely hotels to stay and you will never feel bored of visiting this beautiful city during your romantic trip to Indiana.

Indiana also has myriad places which are specially designed for romantic couples where you get to spend quality time with your loved one. One such place is known as Fort Wayne. This is considered to be one of the best and the most beautiful cities located in the United States. Romantic couples can even enjoy quality time by visiting the banks of the famous river, Maumee River. Here you can enjoy great walks along with scenic drives. There are plenty of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy shopping at the event you wish. If you are a lover of chocolates, you must not miss out on a tour to De Brands Fine Chocolate located within the Fort Wayne area.

Another beautiful romantic place to visit is Autumn Foliage located in Nashville Indiana. In case you are visiting this place during the fall; you can take your loved one to the Brown County State Park to enjoy beautiful scenic views.