Zoos in Indiana

Are you in search of a fun place to enjoy with your family this year? Well, in that case your wait is over. You must definitely plan your trip to Indiana this year. Apart from the various tourist places of visit in Indiana, the country is also very famous for its zoos. Let us discuss some of the most famous zoos which one must not miss out when they travel to Indiana on a holiday package.

1- Indianapolis Zoo – This is considered to be one of the largest zoos located in Indiana. One of the most attractive shows in this zoo is the dolphin show. Visitors also get a chance to enjoy in-water dolphin adventure where visitors can get 90 minutes to play, enjoy and swim with the dolphins. And yes, these dolphins are real dolphins. The zoo is also famous for its train ride.

2- Columbia Park Zoo – In case you are planning to travel to Purdue, you must not miss out visiting the Columbia Park Zoo. Though this zoo is not very large but they have many monkey’s and wild cats. In addition to it, they have a train ride, Water Park and a playground for kids to enjoy.

3- Potawatomi Zoo – This is one of the oldest zoos located in Indiana. The zoo has got plenty of entertainment zones for children to enjoy. The zoo has large extinct species of wild cats such as white Bengal tigers, snow leopards and lions.

4- Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – This zoo just as the name suggests, caters to children. This beautiful zoo allows children to have first hand information regarding farm animals and kids also get a chance to enjoy and interact with them. There are also 20 feel tall tree houses where children can get a chance to enjoy.

Different types of Indiana Vacation

Perhaps you have never visited the Midwest United States and hence might not know much about the different types of attractions that Indiana has to offer. Visiting Indiana during your summer vacation is something that you might remember for a very long period of time. Indiana has a lot to offer for travelers and this article will enlighten you with the different things regarding Indiana.

1- Hiking and Camping – Indiana has some great parks to enjoy such as Brown County, Pokagon, McCormick’s Creek, Turkey Run and more. Here, you will get a chance to see the natural wildlife where the wild animals are not caged like the ones you find in a zoo. You will enjoy seeing these wild animals roaming freely.

2- Amusement Parks – Indiana is famous for the two main amusement parks that are available in this beautiful state. Known as Holiday World and Indiana Beach, here in these amusement parks you will get a chance to enjoy roller coaster rides and water parks.

3- Sports Events – Indiana is the home for two of its professional sports teams. They are known as Indianapolis Pacers and The Indianapolis Colts. You can get a chance to view this world class teams play at the Conseco Fieldhouse or the Lucas Oil Stadium.

4- Museums – You must not leave the state without visiting some of the world famous museums located in Indiana. The state is famous for two of its main museums known as the Indiana State Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

With so much to offer, Indiana is really one of the places you must not fail visiting once during your lifetime. There are thousands of travel agents across the world that provide tour and travel packages to Indiana. It is always recommended to opt for group packages where you will get a very reasonable travel rates to travel to Indiana.

Places to visit during your travel to Indiana

Whenever we think of Indiana, we think of different activities that can be enjoyed in this beautiful state. Some of them imagine beautiful images of heartland American and Midwestern fields while those who are interested in sports and races would imagine the all famous Indianapolis 500 racing events, known as the biggest Motor sports event that take place every year usually during the Memorial Day weekend. For spelunkers and cavers, southern Indiana is an ideal spot for them since this place is famous for rich limestone caverns. These stones have been used for the construction in some famous buildings such as ‘The Empire State Building’, ‘The Pentagon’, ‘The US Treasury’ and ‘Rockefeller Centre’.

As already mentioned above, Indiana is famous for its sports. Some of the famous sporting teams are Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, NCAA rivals etc. Anything and everything is possible in Indiana. There are plenty of beaches and accommodation available for visitors traveling to this beautiful state. There is also a famous spot for romantic couples known as ‘Little Nashville’.

When you visit Indiana, do not forget to visit the different state parks available in Indiana. They have a total of 25 such parks entirely operated by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Visitors will get to experience nature and beautiful scenic views of the park. It is advised to get a map of each of the state parks you plan to visit to allow you to understand the different areas of visit. These state parks have been divided into 3 regions by the DNR. Six parks are placed like the Northern Lakes Region Parks, seven parks have been placed as Central River plains and nine parks have been placed in the Southern Hills. This means that visitors get to experience beautiful lakes, hills and enjoy white water rafting in this beautiful state.

Different types of Indiana Vacations

Let us take a short tour of Indiana. One of the best places to visit while you are in Indiana is Indiana Dunes State Park located at Lake Michigan. It is regarded as one of the best place to cool off during a hot summer day. The specialty of the park is that it offers hiking to amateurs.

You can also visit Chain O’Lakes State Park where you will come across a number of lakes. This place was developed during ice age period and is a great place for hiking and scenery. Another great place of visit is the Knob Trail, ideal for hiking. The area is covered with around 40,000 acres of forest. Hiking through Knob Trail will allow you to see other forests such as Jackson Washington State Forest and Clark State Forest.

Shakamak State Park is another great park to visit during your travel to Indiana. You will find a dam surrounded with scenic beauty all over. You can spend a lot of time with your family in this beautiful Park and there are also many hotels located within a 32 Kilometers radius.

If you are a lover of sports, you must not fail visiting the two famous professional teams known as Indianapolis Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts. The country also has two main museums known as the Indiana State Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

There are so many things to do in Indiana. The capital city of Indiana is Indianapolis. Indiana is infact considered as the 14th largest city in the whole of the United States. History also states that Abraham Lincoln along with his parents lived in Indiana when he was just around seven years of age. He has spent most of his youth in Spencer City. You must definitely make a visit to Indiana once in your lifetime.

Interesting facts about Indiana and Indianapolis

Indiana is a state located in the United States. This is considered to be a very beautiful city with plenty to offer for local as well as international tourists. Indiana residents are known as Hosiers.

You must also visit Indianapolis, known to be the capital city of Indiana. According to a survey conducted in the year 2006, the total population of this city was 795,498. This excludes the towns and hence, with this figure in population, it made Indianapolis the largest city of Indiana and the 14th largest city in the United States.

Indianapolis is famous for the Indianapolis 500 (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) which began in the year 1911. During those times, the winner had an average speed of only 75 miles per hour to bag the first price of $14,000. Today, the average speed is estimated at 167 miles per hour and with a prize package of $1.2 million.

History also says that Abraham Lincoln migrated to Indiana at an age of 7 years along with his parents. He spent most of his boyhood in Spencer County. Some of the other important facts about Indiana are –

1- During World War II, P-47 fighter planes were manufactured in Evansville at the Republic Aviation.
2- In 1914, Raggedy Ann doll was designed by Marcella Gruelle from Indianapolis.
3- In the year 1871, the first professional baseball game was played in Fort Wayne.
4- David Latterman, the famous television host was born in Indianapolis.
5- The Saturday Evening Post is published from Indianapolis.
6- In the year 1941, movie star James Dean began gaining popularity with movies like ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Rebel without a cause’. He eventually died at an early age of 24 years from an automobile crash.
7- In the year 1862, the rapid fire machine gun was invented by Richard Gatling from Indianapolis.
8- Sarah Walker, popularly known as Madame J.C. Walker, is one of the first women millionaires from Indianapolis.

Facts about Indiana Residents

Much of the Indiana is rural and most of the Indiana residents take up blue collar jobs. Indiana is the 19th state of the United States and is ranked as the 14th most populated states in the United States. There are many small industrial cities in Indiana and the state is famous for their Indy 500 or Indianapolis 500 automobile race. The residents of Indiana are known as Hoosiers.

In 1816, the state started a constitution during the month of June. In December, Indiana became of the 19th state joining the union. During the 1820s, the population of Indiana was just about 147,176 residents while a century later in 1930s, their population skyrocketed to a whopping 343,031 residents. The figure was more than double within a decade’s period. Another important factor in the history of Indiana was the transportation system. During the earlier period, Indiana were having small and flat boats as its main means of transportation and the most important project began in 1832 for Wabash and Erie Canal. The construction of this canal opened doors for the development of the state despite their bad times and bad financing they faced. This canal turned out to be fruitful as many began to migrate to Indiana once the government of Indiana opened the gates of the Wabash and Erie Canal. As the years passed by, the railway system began to emerge in Indiana and slowly the importance of the canal began to decrease due to the railway lines and it was completely abandoned as the railways began to increase in the state.

Today, the transportation system of Indiana has changed a lot. You must also not fail to visit Indianapolis as it is famous for their automobile race. Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana. Another important attraction to visit in Indianapolis is the Children’s museum.

Some of the places to visit while staying in Indiana

Indiana is a state located in the United States with a population of roughly about 6 million people. Indianapolis is Indiana’s capital city. Indiana has got a humid and continental climate all through the year. It is very hot and humid during summer season and very cold and cool during the winter season. Evansville, Fort Wayne and South Bend are the cities of Indiana. Indiana residents are called Hoosiers or Indianans.

Some of the important places to visit when you travel with your friends and family members in Indiana are Indiana Beach Amusement resort. This is a fun place for every one to enjoy. They have inverted coasters to take you on a ride. They also have a haunted hotel and even a scary campground. This is one of the famous haunted hotels in Indiana. Apart from this, there are about 8 beaches in total you can find in this beautiful state. Some of the famous beaches are West Beach, Kemil Beach, Cowles Beach etc. Most of the beaches are open from 7 am in the morning until sunset. It is advised to venture onto the beach using sun screens as the sun rays can be quite powerful during the morning hours.

You can also visit the historical museums that will show you the olden lives of Indiana and its residents. There are more than 8,000 items which you can look at and which can take a whole lot of time, in the event you are a curious to know more about Indiana culture. Apart from that, Indiana has more than 200 restaurants all over. It is like trying out one restaurant per day for 6 months at a stretch. When in Indiana, you must also not fail to visit Indianapolis which is the capital city. There are many amusement arenas to be enjoyed by you and your family members.



Indiana is a US state, admitted to the United States as the 19th on December 11, 1816. It is located in the Midwestern United States and Great Lakes Region. With 6,483,802 residents, the state is ranked 15th in population and 16th in population density. Indiana is ranked 38th in land area and is the smallest state in the continental US west of the Appalachian Mountains. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis, the second largest of any state capital and largest state capital east of the Mississippi River.

Before it became a territory, varying cultures of indigenous peoples and historic Native Americans inhabited Indiana for thousands of years. Angel Mounds State Historic Site, one of the best preserved ancient earthwork mound sites in the United States, can be found in Southwestern Indiana near Evansville. If planning a trip to Indiana from out of the country, it is advisable to be covered for unexpected injuries, click here for protection options.

Residents of Indiana are known as Hoosiers. The derivation of the term is disputed, but one hypothesis has “Hoosier” originating from a frontier greeting, a corruption of “Who’s here?” The state’s name means “Land of the Indians,” or simply “Indian Land.” This name dates back to at least the 1760s but was first applied to the region by the United States Congress when the Indiana Territory was incorporated in 1800, separating it from the Northwest Territory.

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Indiana’s role in World War II

During World War II, the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) established numerous airfields in Indiana for training pilots and aircrews of USAAF fighters and bombers.

Most of these airfields were under the command of First Air Force or the Army Air Forces Training Command (AAFTC) (A predecessor of the current-day United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command). However the other USAAF support commands (Air Technical Service Command (ATSC); Air Transport Command (ATC) or Troop Carrier Command) commanded a significant number of airfields in a support roles.

It is still possible to find remnants of these wartime airfields. Many were converted into municipal airports, some were returned to agriculture and several were retained as United States Air Force installations and were front-line bases during the Cold War. Hundreds of the temporary buildings that were used survive today, and are being used for other purposes.

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